Naseem Alatrash performs "Crosswinds" by NY Gypsy AllStars Band with the Berklee World Strings Orchestra conducted by Grammy award-winning Composer/Cellist Eugene Friesen. This performance was at the American String Teacher Association "ASTA" Conference in 2014. Composer - Tamer Pinarbasi Arrangement - Eugene Friesen/Naseem Alatrash Soloist - Naseem Alatrash

Yorgo Bacanos, "Longa Sirtu (Sultani Yegah Sirto)" - arrangement by Layth and Naseem

Arabic Cello Improvisation 

Qawsaan Addesh Kan Fi Nas - Fairuz

Traditional Arabic Music improvisation "Taqsim" with the National Arab Orchestra

Carlos Gardel - Cuesta Abajo (Cover by Nacho González and Naseem Alatrash)

Pink Floyd -Comfortably Numb (Middle Eastern version) - Mayssa Karaa [feat.Scott Page of Pink Floyd. Arranged by Naseem Alatrash

The Four Corners Quartet, "Maracaibo" composed by Eugene Friesen